How To Use Squeeze Pages

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According to a 2012 report from the Direct Marketing Association, the “Average ROI (Return On Investment) for a business using squeeze pages is $57 for every $1 spent

Squeeze pages are designed to build an email marketing list for the squeeze page owner (typically a business, entrepreneur, or marketing professional).

A squeeze page (also known as a "Landing Page") provides an easy and affordable way to build an email marketing list. This marketing list can often be one of the most valuable assets for a business because it gives the business easy and instant access to customers and buyers. This is why squeeze pages are such an important marketing tool for so many businesses.

Benefits of an email marketing list include:

  • Makes it easy (and cost effiecient) to promote the current business
  • Easy to promote new products, services, and special sales with email messages
  • Customer retention: Email marketing makes it VERY easy to bring customers back to purchase again (Don’t you love repeat business?)

Effective Squeeze Page Designs

An effective squeeze page starts with:

  1. The "Offer".
  2. Page Design**

Offer something of value. What can you offer your website visitor to encourage them to enter their contact information on your page? If it is something of value to the reader it will lead to a high conversion rate. This is the most important aspect.

The 2nd factor is "How do you present the offer?".

Generally you want a clean squeeze page. Do not clutter the page. The basics of squeeze page design include the following:

  • Headline - An attention-grabbing headline works. Say something about your offer that will instantly catch the readers eye.
  • Opt-in forms – The optin form is the area where your visitor will leave their contact information.
  • Graphics – The headline is important but so is the type of graphics you use on your page. Use Graphics to grab attention and direct the visitor to your optin form.
  • Bullet Points – A clean page works and bullet points help here. Post a few bullet points of the highlights of your Free Offer.
  • Call-To-Action – Everything on the page should be geared towards the optin form on your page. Graphics, Video, Bullet Points,
  • Video – A short marketing video can have a big impact on a squeeze page. It's an eye pleasing way to quickly highlight your offer and then direct the website visitor to the optin form. A good squeeze page video will close by telling your website visitor to enter their email in your optin form. This is a “Call To Action” in the video and this simple tip will lead to more people on your list.
  • Mobile Versions – The use of mobile devices has exploded. A mobile version of your squeeze page means it will be easier to view for the growing number of website visitors who will visit your squeeze page on a mobile device. Studies have shown that mobile website visitors will instantly leave sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Having a mobile squeeze page will eliminate the loss of these potential subscribers and customers.

How To Setup A Squeeze Page

An easy solution to setting up an effective squeeze page campaign is to use an an online "squeeze page software" to create and host your squeeze pages. These solutions can offer proven and tested squeeze page designs and make it easier to start, manage, and succeed with a squeeze page marketing program.

Using Squeeze Pages With Google Adwords

Google reviews every website that is submitted for a Pay-Per-Click campaign on "Google Adwords". Google does this to maintain a good viewing experience for website visitors to the sites on any PPC ad. One of the things Google requires for a squeeze page using their PPC ads is a "Privacy Policy". This is a requirement for Google.

"Lack of Content" is another factor that may get a squeeze page denied by Google. If you have a squeeze page with nothing more than an image and an optin form they may deny it. If they do simply add some content (explain what your page is about and what you're offering) and then resubmit the squeeze page to Google.

Squeeze Pages And Business

Squeeze pages help a wide variety of businesses. If a business relies on in-store sales, online sales, repeat business, or offers and product or service they can benefit from the use of squeeze pages. In other words, just about any business can benefit by using squeeze pages and building an email marketing list.


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